Push-Lok Plus Multipurpose Hose 200-350 PSI – 801 Hose


Parker’s 801 hose has a pressure range of 200-350 PSI, and is amongst the Push-Lok Plus multipurpose hose line which features the widest fluid compatibility, application range and size range in the industry.

Part Number: 801

Technical Specifications
For Fluid Type: Petroleum base hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, and antifreeze solutions
Hose I.D. (size): -4 to -16
Application: Construction, Hydraulic, Industrial, and Automotive Process
Maximum Operating Pressure: Up to 24 bar, Up to 350 psi, Up to 2,4 MPa
Maximum Operating Temperature: Varies by Media, (Air) 158 °F, (Air) 70 °C, (Water) 185 °F, (Water) 85 °C, (Oil) 257 °F, (Oil) 125 °C
Media: Hydraulic Fluids, Lubricants, Compressed Air, and Coolants
Minimum Operating Temperature: Varies by Media, (Oil) -40 °F, (Oil) -40 °C
Vacuum Pressure Rating: 15 – 28 Inch-Hg, 381 – 711 mm-Hg
Color: Gray, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, or Black
Cover Material: Synthetic rubber, MSHA accepted
Hose Cover Type: Synthetic rubber
Hose Inner Tube Material: Synthetic rubber
Hose Reinforcement Material: One fiber braid
Weight (per unit of measure): 0.09 to 0.37 lb/ft, 0,13 to 0,55 kg/m
Compatible Fitting: HY or 82 Series Fittings
Full Product Description

Parker’s 801 general-purpose hose with Push-Lok Plus technology is a low-pressure, multipurpose synthetic rubber hose featuring Parker’s exclusive color-coding system. Suitable for use with a wide range of media, 801 hoses are compatible with petroleum-based hydraulic fluid and lubricating oils, pneumatic power, antifreeze, and, when coupled with HY Series fittings, diesel fuel. This versatile hose features the unique Push-Lok seal for easy assembly and to ensure reliable, durable, and leak-free service. Available in sizes ranging from ¼-inch to 1-inch in diameter, 801 hoses offer maximum working pressures ranging from 200 to 350 psi. The exclusive color-coding system enhances organization and assembly. Common uses include construction, utilities, machine tooling, ground support, industrial, and automotive applications.


  • Construction
  • Utility Equipment
  • Machine Tool
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Industrial
  • Automotive


  • 200-350 PSI working pressure in different sizes
  • Easy assemblies that can be made in seconds, saving valuable time and cost
  • In applications where a number of hoses lines carry different media, Push-Lok color-codes reduce timely “tracing” of lines, preventing disconnection of the wrong line and unnecessary, costly downtime
  • Unique seal for a durable leak-free service


  • Petroleum base hydraulic fluid and lubricating oils
  • Pneumatic
  • Antifreeze solutions
  • Diesel fuel – approved only when coupled with HY series fittings

Compatible Fittings

  • 82 series fittings
  • HY series fittings

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