GST® II General Purpose Air & Water Hose


GST® II is a general purpose rubber hose designed for air compressor and shop air hose systems, transfer of mild/diluted chemicals, and water in applications to 212°F and 300 psi

Technical Specifications
Application: Air & Multipurpose
Maximum Operating Temperature: 100 °C, 212 °F
Media: Various
Weight: 0.01 to 0.16 kg/m, 0.07 to 1.13 lb/ft, 0.07 to 1.13 lb, 0.03 to 0.51 kg
Maximum Operating Pressure: 1.4 to 2.1 MPa, 200 to 300 psi, 13.8 to 20.7 bar
Hose I.D. (size): -3 to -32
Nominal Hose Inside Diameter: 7 to 50 mm
Specifications Met: ARPM Class C Tube
Tube Material: Black EPDM
Hose Reinforcement Material: Two textile plies, Four textile plies
Cover Material: EPDM
Cover Structure: Smooth
Color: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
Minimum Operating Temperature: -40 °F, -40 °C
Hose Inside Diameter: 3/16 to 2 inch, 4.8 to 50.8 mm
Hose Outside Diameter: 0.437 to 2.550 inch, 11.1 to 64.8 mm
Minimum Bend Radius: 2.0 to 14.0 inch, 50.8 to 355.6 mm
Package Type: Reels; Cartons
Compatible Fitting: HY, 43
Full Product Description

Parker’s GST II General Purpose Industrial Air & Water Hose provides excellent service across multiple applications. The hose tube is compatible with light oil mists for tool lubrication. The hose cover is available in multiple colors for easy identification, and also resists abrasion and weathering. GST II hose is available in long continuous lengths for efficient inventory management and maximum utility at cramped or hard to reach job sites. The hose is qualified with permanent crimp couplings for a safe and secure connection and is a versatile hose for many common industrial applications.


  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • General Industrial


  • Tube: Black EPDM for versatile and economical service to 212°F.
  • Reinforcement: Multiple textile plies for strength and kink resistance.
  • Cover: Black, blue, green, red or yellow EPDM for abrasion and weathering resistance.
  • Couplings: Qualified with steel crimp couplings for a durable, safe and secure connection.



  • Air
  • Mild chemicals
  • Water
  • -usage

  • Air compressor/air tool hose, including systems that employ light oil mists for lubrication
  • Shop air hose
  • Water hose for clean-up/wash down, cooling and spray


  • Design Factor: 4:1
  • Do not use with oil or refined fuel.


  • Couplings attached with bands or clamps may reduce the working pressure of the hose assembly to less than the maximum rated working pressure of the hose. Refer to NAHAD Industrial Hose Assembly Guidelines

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